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What are your expectations?

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What do you expect from a short term commercial loans lender?

We will sit down with you, either in person or by telephone to quickly establish what you would expect from a principal lender of secured bridging loans.

We will help you understand exactly how our tailor made, unique way of funding is a viable option compared to even the best banks or building societies.

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As we are not regulated by strict banking codes, our bridging loans can be specifically tailored to meet your needs and not to satisfy bankers, shareholders or anything else that could work negatively.

With our level of commitment to excellence in customer care, plus some of the most competitive rates of interest in the short term market, you can instantly recognise that the greatest deals are with us on anything secured, short term and relating to business or commercial loans or finance.

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Short term bridging.

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As a principal lender, our company has over 30 years experience or lending short term
bridging loans.

In this time, our advances have been used for many different commercial purposes including business development, property purchases, and auction finance.

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Maybe this is your first time enquiring about a business bridge. Or you maybe a seasoned property investor who has dealt with more than a few bridging loan companies in your time. Or even if you have been refused by other lenders.

With our felexibility, it's quite possible that we could offer you a better deal on interest than you have got from elsewhere, plus service unrivalled. Or even just a deal when you have been refused everywhere else.

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Apply for commercial loans.

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There are a few ways you can contact us for a quick decision in principal, plus an express track to completion and a rapid pay out on your short term commercial finance.

First and foremost feel free to give us a call.

You can also email us directly. Click

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You can even arrange to come and meet us in person at our offices. That is not a problem at all.

Alternatively, if you have a big project and would prefer to let us see it and where you are going with it, we can arrange for a site visit from one of our top bridging loan assessors.

Which ever way, you will be impressed with our professionalism and loan agreements.

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Now working with leader in quick no nonsense bridging finance for business throughout mainland UK.